Worsley Polynucleotide Treatments

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Understanding Polynucleotides

Dr Conlon’s Aesthetic Clinic (Worsley) is now offering Polynucleotides! Polynucleotides, often abbreviated as PNT’s, are naturally occurring molecules found in our bodies, playing a crucial role in our cellular repair and regeneration. It’s not about changing the shape of the face or the way the face moves, it’s about regenerating the skin to create firmer, less wrinkly, flawless beautiful skin.

Polynucleotides are the building blocks of our DNA. When you inject these into the skin, you change the behavior of a particular cell type called a fibroblast. The polynucleotides cause the fibroblast to differentiate (change) into a myofibroblast. This is a key step in the healing process in the body which is happening anyway in response to injury, free radical damage and oxidative stress.

When you inject the PNT’s and get your fibroblasts to behave like myofibroblasts, they’re set to work repairing damage.

The results – collagen stimulation, firm skin, more elasticity in the skin, more even skin tone, less wrinkles or sagginess, more vibrancy – basically you’re on your way to flawless, beautiful skin.

How Does The Procedure Work?

The Polynucleotide treatment is minimally invasive. Dr Conlon will provide a consultation where she will recommend which areas would need the treatment.

The treatment is then injected into the face and then it works to stimulate the skins natural collagen production, leading to an improved overall skin tone.

Regular treatments can provide more noticeable and long-lasting results.

Benefits of Polynucleotide Therapy

Natural Results: Unlike fillers or invasive surgeries, polynucleotide treatments offer subtle yet noticeable improvements, yielding natural results that enhance your features without appearing overdone.

Collagen Boost: By kick-starting collagen production, polynucleotides address the root cause of ageing, promoting long-lasting rejuvenation and skin health.

Minimal Downtime: With minimal downtime and virtually no risk of adverse reactions, polynucleotide therapy allows you to resume your daily activities without interruption, making it an ideal option for busy individuals seeking effective anti-aging solutions.