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Anti-ageing combination treatment testimonials

Like any 43 year old, I had noticed that my face, complexion and décolletage was starting to gravitate, loose its tone and I also noticed prominent lines and fine wrinkles.  I have always looked after my skin using expensive products and having various beauty treatments to try and delay the signs of ageing.

I have looked at various procedures in the past but thought of them as too evasive and seeing bad results had always put me off.  The derma-roll appealed to me straight away as I realised it was effects were  due to your own body stimulating and producing natural collagen.  The effects were fantastic and the down time minimal. Within the first week I noticed that the fine lines had gone and the tone of my complexion had improved drastically. Within the second week the deep line around my mouth and cheek area had disappears and the other one was not as deep.  I received lots of comments about how well I looked and how amazing my skin was.  I wore little if any make up and for the first time was happy to do so.  My skin felt fresh, alive and the tone lovely and even.  I am 8 weeks down the line and feel that my skin is still continuing to look better.

After having the Derma-roll I had noticed that the vertical crease in my forehead had got better but was still there.  I discussed the opportunities with Dr Conlon and we went into the benefits of both Wrinkle Relaxing Injections and filler.  We decided on the Wrinkle Relaxing Injections and then potentially a filler.  I opted for the Wrinkle Relaxing Injections and yet again I wasn't disappointed.  The results have been brilliant and due to the fact that the derma-roll is still working I do not need the filler!

I would highly recommend Dr Conlon as you feel you can trust someone who is a qualified medical doctor, works with needles,  is female and understands the desired effects that all women want - a natural one.
She totally understands the products and effects they have on the face and skin and is extremely knowledgeable in this field.  She demonstrates great empathy and makes you feel totally at ease.

A very satisfied client.....

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections Testimonials

I was really impressed with the highly professional manner of Dr Conlon, when I visited her for my wrinkle-relaxing injections. She explained the treatment thoroughly and had a very calming manner about her. I have been very pleased with the results, and would recommend anyone interested in having these injections to visit Dr Conlon.

I have had this treatment before but the experience was totally different. Careful, perfectly placed treatment. Excellent!

Lip Enhancement Testimonials

I visited Dr Conlon after a friend gave me a leaflet. I was nervous about having the treatment but really hated my upper lip  i did not have one. Dr Conlon went through all the options and i am thrilled with the results. I has the treatment  3 months ago.

I just want to say thank you Dr Conlon for making a highly strung individual, who never thought in a million years that I'd take the plunge to have lip augmentation. Dr Conlon made me feel at ease from inception right through to completion, the procedure was fast and easier than I thought. Great after care advise and support too. My lips are fuller and I love them, I will be coming back for cheek augmentation, to give me that added lift! I feel although Dr Conlon has taken at least 5 years off my 34 years! I knew when I was told I didn't need other treatments that I was interested in that I could trust her, I am so pleased that I have found a dermal doctor who is certified, experienced and trustworthy and not only that a rejuvenated new me.

I would recommend Dr Conlon's to anyone for dermal fillers.

Dermaroller Testimonials


This exceeded my expectations. I now have the sheer skin i always wanted. And, no puffy face in the morning! Strange but I even wake up looking great. Have Dermaroller!

I was a bit nervous about the Dermaroller treatment but with the cream I had to put on first it didn't hurt at all. I wanted my skin to look better but also had fine lines and a little scar on my eyebrow. Dr Conlon advised me on this treatment and it has definitely worked. My scar has totally gone and I cannot remember my skin ever looking this good. So happy with the results.

Thread Vein Testimonials

I am delighted with the results of my treatment, and amazed at how quickly you see results from such a simple procedure.  For the first time in probably a decade I uncovered my legs on holiday without feeling embarrassed. I actually feel normal again! I have wanted to find a treatment for years, but felt too embarrassed even to show my legs to a practitioner.  You put me at ease straight away, a true professional, and your background as a Doctor made me feel confident enough to try the treatment. So glad I did. Can't say a big enough thankyou! X

I visited Dr Conlon for thread veins, which were on the tops of my legs at the front and back. I was extremely self-conscious of them when wearing shorts etc. I had two courses of Microsclerotherapy, which was not painful at all. I have noticed a significant difference and now I am happy to wear short clothes.
My personal recommendation is.....it's worth the money.

I had one patch of veins on my calf, after one treatment they have almost totally disappeared. It's an effective treatment and I would definitely recommend the treatment by Dr Conlon

PDO Thread Lift Testimonials

I had read about the thread lift for lower face. The treatment was only slightly painful, I had little bruising afterwards and the results are astounding. I have achieved something I never though possible. Dr Conlon was a real professional.

At 42, I became very aware of the baggiess and heaviness around the side of my mouth and laughter lines. I was not keen to have fillers so I went to Dr Conlon for a consultation. I went ahead with the treatment and am thrilled with the effects. The bottom of my face is slimmer, my jaw is tighter and my cheeks look plumper too! Dr Conlon is lovely, she clearly gets a lot of satisfaction from in doing a good job and making the client happy.

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