Perfect pins for Christmas🎄Yes! It is perfectly possible to permanently get rid of thread veins. And it’s the ideal time of year for treatment in time for Spring 🦋 😷 Treatment: Microsclerotherapy 🎯 Purpose: Improve the aesthetic appearance of the legs. Gold standard in thread vein treatment🏅 Results: Permanent removal of thread veins 🧐 How it works: Injection of a ‘sclerosant’ into the vein. This causes the wall of the vein to stick together and the vein dies away and disappears. There is no relation to the deep venous system or risk of deep vein thrombosis. Many clients are wrongly advised to use laser treatment for removal which is not effective at all as the vein itself is not treated 📞 Phone: 07779 485013. 📧 Email: 📍Location: Bramhall and Worsley #drconlon #nomorewrinkles #15yearsexperience #doctorknowsbest #drconlonsaestheticclinic #beautybramhall #bodyworx @bodyworx_ @sanctuary.bramhall.lymm